Saturday, July 7, 2012

Growing up, won't bring us down.

[My big brother James is my favorite]
My brother left yesterday for california.
Him and our step brother Sam are going to be in the woods in Northern California.
They have no restrictions.
They have no idea when they will be coming back.
They have money and camping gear and a jeep, they will be exploring and adventuring to their hearts desires and I am so excited for them.
I have learned so much from James, he has taught me how to enjoy life, how to be an adventurer, how to have compassion, how to have love for others, how to be happy and he has made me a truly great person, I still have so much to learn from him but this trip he's taking is a perfect example of how I want to some day be, he is such a free-spirited, carefree, loving individual and I love him so much, he is my absolute best friend and the one person I will always, always know I can rely on.
So this one's for him.
Good luck out there, bro. Love you.

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