Sunday, March 11, 2012

peace out g-town!

 For the next week, I'll be leaving this behind:

For this:

Haha! Those two pictures make me laugh :) I'm actually VERY excited!
I think it is the PERFECT time for me to get out of gilbert and have a break from all the craziness and stress, I have been going through! I know this may sound mean but do you ever get sick of the people you love? I mean I think spending every day with them we all could use a break once in a while, it makes me love them more! I hope that makes sense and I don't sound like some kind of a family and friends hating maniac. I find myself very blessed to be able to have and escape and get away to the lovely east coast as often as I do! I haven't been back since december and that's a bit to long in my mind! Don't worry I'll be sure to post PLENTY of pictures upon my return, but for now... Peace out G-Town! (For all my non-zona buddies out there G-town aka Gilbert, AZ!)

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