Sunday, March 18, 2012

zonagirl at heart

Hello Friends! 
My trip was fabulous (as always) but I'll get to that later because I have so much to tell about since I've been back in town!
So My plane landed at 9:10pm yesterday and I get home at around 10pm and I get a text from a good friend of mine telling me she just got home as well and we got a group together and headed out for a late night snack at applebees! From there we decided to live up our night and kept using the excuse "it's spring break!" it was fabulous! We ordered a shirley temple for a guy we didn't even know! We rode in the back of a truck, ran laps, had a run in with the cops (haha, we didn't get in any trouble because we weren't doing anything wrong but it was still very exciting and something that will go on my highschool experiences!) I got a chance to look at the stars and man, i love those arizona stars! I miss them so much when ever I'm not home! I can't see the stars in the city (as much as I love it). Last night was so fabulous I realizie just how much I love it here! The desert lands swept with sand <3 The stars the hikes and the amazing friends I have met! I'm kind of a restless person, When I'm here in the great state of arizona I'm always wishing I was some where else but any time I'm anywhere else I miss Arizona! It's a great place to live, as much as I complain I am a true arizona girl at heart <3 
-I get SO excited about rain.
-Use the phrase "it's a dry heat"
-Know what GOOD mexican food is
-I can testify that frying an egg on the sidewalk is legit.
I have more of those. Haha :)
I have a picture from last night:
Amazing friends. :)

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