Sunday, November 27, 2011

my family loves me.

My family loves me.
So much so that when my cute cousins were in from california (no alliteration intended)
they read my blog and I got a special request to blog about them :)
So here goes.
My lovely cousin Alyssa is 14 and I swear she is the prettiest girl in town!
She also makes me laugh my socks off.
I love when she comes into town because we always have such an awesome time!
Next I have Miss. Cindy who is 12 and she is the best card player I've ever met!
She always plays phase 10 with me and wins.
I like to talk to her about books and boys and our family!
I have alot of other family members Like tons.... but if I blogged about all of them you guys would get bored... plus these two are the only one's who requested it:)
Hot chocolate and christmas music makes long days better:)
Erin and I are hosting a christmas party this year and getting into the planning is making me so excited! Anywho, I have homework so I better go:)
p.s. have you guys heard this sunday song?!
I love it so much:)
It is such a good reminder on the trials we face and what a blessing they are to us.

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