Sunday, September 18, 2011

can't complain

I had a melt down today. I'm talking tears, calling up the BFF, and cuddling with my bear.
Then I listened to this song:
 It's not a sunday song. But it's still inspiring :) I love David Archuleta.
I went to his concert saturday night.
He is such an inspiration.
We also had VIP passes, which gave us rockstar seats as well as some cute girls got a meet and greet with him. Life is good. I can't complain.
Amanda and Sariah.
Two of my pals. :)

V.I.P passes!

Your eyes do not decive you. That is David. Right there.
I'm speaking today at a youth fireside and really need to get on writing this talk.
I am so thankful for where I live and the friends I have.
I am blessed with oh so many wonderful people in my life.
Have a good day readers! :)

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