Thursday, September 22, 2011

time for a rant

I'm a junior in highschool and it's about time for a rant.
Remember my phone troubles a few weeks ago?
I was phoneless for about a week?
Then I got a brand new one?
Well it's lost again. 
That's not all it's just been a LONG week.
I've been feeling icky and that makes every thing worse.
I am sick, I have 3 test tomorow and I am lacking sleep and motivation which equals one hot mess of a girl.
But I've got some good news:
1)The BFF (Erin)'s birthday is tomorow!!! :)
2)Homecoming is on saturday!
3) General Confrence is next weekend!!!! :D
4)I was asked to give a talk in seminary on thursday.
5)Exactly 2 weeks from tomorow Erin and I will be flying out to the great state of New Jersey!
6)Being able to find Shakspere in EVERYTHING. No joke. Your favorite chick flick? Probs based of a play. I love english!
7)Charlie Sheen.
I love that man. 
"I'm not bi-polar, i'm bi-winning.... WINNING"
Despite your opinouns about him you gotta admit, he's fun to laugh at.
So, now I relizie things aren't so bad. God is great. Life is good.
Plus I found this on pintrest:
It makes me smile :)

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