Friday, September 16, 2011

better then better could ever be

Okay so, story time..... I GOT ASKED TO HOMECOMING!
I am so so excited. A boy from my cross country team asked me.
His name is Josh and he is so fun!
He is going to be the perfect date, I absolutley can not wait!
He gave flowers to my A hour teacher and a note that said:
"I know it's taken a long time but atleast I didn't make you wait 70 years like Captain America"
So my A hour teacher gives it to me and I'm like "Is this a joke?"
I was so tired.
When I realizied it wasn't a joke I was excited!!!

To say yes, I got a puzzle and glue captain america on it and I wrote yes on the back.
Then I pulled it apart and gave 2 peices to each of his teachers
so each hour he got more peices of the puzzle.
Then in his 5th hour (Which is his last hour of the day)
I gave his teacher the backboard of the puzzle and a box of reeses peices
and I wrote "I know this must be puzziling but if you connect the peices, you can stop juggling this mess and get an answer from Tess" and on the back of the puzzle it said yes!

I'm so super excited! I just got my dress on wednesday and it's green and sparkly and more pictures to come! Thanks for listening to me silly teenage highschool stories! :)
Love, Tess :)

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