Tuesday, August 9, 2011

wise words from a sixteen year old girl

So I'm think of either doing words of wisdom or movie reveiw each week?
Every tuesday.
Which would you peeps prefer?
For today, I'll do both.
Words of Wisdom:

"Just ask him how he made it... he'll tell you faith and sweat and the heart of a faithful woman, 
that never let him forget:
Be a Best Friend. Tell the truth. Over use I love you. Go to work. Do your best. 
Don't out smart your common sense. Never let you're prayin' knees get lazy.
And love like crazy"

"Always treat your women like a lady, never get to old to call her baby"
dang! those country boys:)

Cred to: Lee Brice for writing this master piece:

Movie Reveiw?
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
Great Film or Sad Dissapointment?
Have you seen it?
Go see it.
These actors and actress's are a bit off the radar,
but the casting is fabulous! They all fit their parts quite well
which makes it even funnier.
Anna Kendrick is deffinatley my favorite.
That is all.

peace out.

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