Wednesday, August 10, 2011

say whaaaa?!

title for today? totes random.
oh well.
sooooo.... first day of school today:)
makes me feel like a little kiddo, getting all dressed up, putting my back pack on!
heading off to my first day of juinor year with butterflies in my tummy.
it twas good.
had a little schedule switch-e-roo so haven't acctually been to all my classes.
BUT i already have an essay due tomorow.
so this is a warning, my bloging might just get a little irregular.
either that or you'll go into over load, cause this blog might just fill all my procrastination needs:)
we shall see.... anywho.... here's a song:

Just bought his new album.
it's constantly been on repeat.
so ya'll better get in an Andy Grammer mood :)

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