Monday, August 8, 2011

AP= Advanced Procrastination, along with utter randomness.

This is what I am doing:

This is what I should be doing:

Oh. my. gosh.
I can't not get over this picture:) Haha.
I have a 20 page assignment due wednesday.
aka my first day of school.
pfff..... i'm lucky I've even OPENED the book.
So guess who's spending there last day of summer sitting around reading my heart out and typing til my fingers bleed?
This girl:)
It's all cool though. It was my choice to take the stinken class.
Anyways, I have some more pictures:)
that make me smile...

I'm in a vinatge mood today.
I'm also in a crafty mood.
These moods don't happen often so I spent it putting together a little book of ideas for my future house:)
Anyway, don't you think I forgot I promise a happy song:

Oh, Michael.
What a classy man.
I betcha he sure knows how to treat a woman:)

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