Monday, August 8, 2011

country music was made for restless nights.

hey guys.
I can't sleep :)
you lucky duckies.
so i've been listening to this song:
fav line? "We're like fire and gasoline, I'm no good for you you're no good for me"
pretty much the only reason I like this song <3

Also, sorry I haven't written in foreves.
I've been on drugs.
I have a teeth problem and had this big messy dentisit appointment.
So, they gave me some drugs to take for 3 days.

Anyways, now I can't sleep. Not sure if it's cause  have alot on my mind.
Or becuase I'm coming off drugs.
But here's some more country music:)

Props to Mi Amigo Emma for this discovery:)
sorry, for the depressing music, didn't even know it! haha, i'll have some happy musica for ya'll tomorow.
peace out.

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