Thursday, August 4, 2011

a few things that make long days better

-ben and jerrys ice cream
-unexpected letters
-fingernail polish
-a call from mi momma
-a good book
-the sound of rain
-a long run
-a goodnight text from a cute boy
-looking up plane tickets online
-planning my next trip back home
-baking cookies
-country music
scratch that
-ANY music
-a marathon of any reality tv show.
-lunch with my best friend
hmm.... what makes YOUR long days better? :)
You should make a list! That way when you're feeling bad you can read it and it'll put a smile on your face!
These past 2 days have been LONG days.
Between trying to get my school assignments done and 
being all drugged up from my dentist.

Anyways, I am a country music fan.
Maybe it's cause I'm living in arizona and riding horses all the time.
but miss. candace put this song on her blog and i just love it:)
so i thought i'd share
the videos kind of weird but oh well.
love the song.

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