Friday, July 29, 2011

wilderness explorers

title above used for my fb photo album as-well
i'm not very creative.
sue me.
was a BLAST.
here's my week through pictures.
Day # 1:
I met my girls.
They were all so cute and unique.
They told me I was the best ycl ever :)

We also did stuff with our ward
and I love all the girls in my ward to bits!

We did Capers (aka chores)
every day with our girls and one of ours was cleaning the bathroom...!

I shared a cabin with some of the best girls ever!
To my left was my ycl partner :)

Pajama time :)

Day # 2: We took our girls to all diffent activitys!
Archery, bottle rockets, class with the stake president,
nature classes, and certification classes.

Day # 3: we had to give devotionals every night & Sienna (my ycl partner)
made these for our girls to keep all the hand-outs in :)

I brought Eric to girls camp :)

Two of my girls that went on the hike with me!

 My ycl friends on the hike. We're tree huggers.

Sorry I have no day # 4 pictures.
but over all it was an amazing experience! :)
I loved girls camp and being a ycl (youth camp leader).
More stories and such. to come!

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