Saturday, July 23, 2011

bye bye... (birdie?!)

so, i've got nothing to say.
surprised much?
but i'm leaving on monday and i'll be gone for A WHOLE WEEK!
so i figured i better give ya something
I know what you're thinking...
"How the heck am I soupposed to get through a whole 7 days with out your wonderful words?!"
well, you'll just have to stick it through my lovelies.
keeeeeeding :) i'm pretty sure ya'll will be a- okay.
wether i never ever blog again ever or if i go blogger crazy.
you guys wouldn't care.
 Anywho, here are some quotes to get you through the week :)

I just thought this was superr funnnny.
Because we had a bit of a girls night tonight.
&I told all about how I would shake those magic 8 balls until I got the answer I wanted.
......okay, i still do that
but don't tell me you're not guilty of this!

fav <3

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