Monday, July 11, 2011

press 4 for complaints

hello friends! let me tell you, i can be quite the complainer.
my phone company says "press 4 for complaints" when ever you call and it reaches the machine.
i'm always so tempted to call up&complain about my life.
i don't.
i resist temptation
i'm a good girl. yep
anywho, i have some advice for all you fellas:
"treat a lady like a person. then a princess. then a greek godess. then a person again"-shawn spencer
kay, maybe not. but seriously, just be nice to the ladies.
trust me, it's appreciated
&chicas, don't get annoyed so easily. its stupid and unattractive.
get over yourself.
uhhhmm.... that's all :) sorry for being a jerk face complainer today but teenage girls&boys don't mix.
like the do but some girly girls are stupid drama centreal
and when i act like one of them, i feel sooooo dumb!

Stephen Jerzak.... ummm... marry me?!

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