Sunday, July 10, 2011


I must say, I do love sundays! They are so diffrent then all the other days of the week.
I feel like I wake up in a diffrent mood.
On Sundays I feel calm and happy and super excited to just relax and watch movies or read after church.
ohhh and THE FOOD!
Sunday is the one day of the week where it is guaranteed that we will eat a home cooked meal.
as a family.
other days we do have yummy family dinners but sundays its fer sher!
I'm glad Erins family is the same way.
They eat family dinners for positive on sunday as well :)
I guess I'm being kind of random right now, but all i'm trying to say is, I am so greatful for sunday, a day for me to rest and re-charge and relizied how truely blessed I am. I am greatful for my family and all the love (and food) they give. I know how important the family is to this life.
&I can't wait to start my own :)

I am also so greatful to Erins family for being my second family and treating me as a real part of the family......
chores and all ;)
loving me, and welcoming me into their home for this week.
I'm greatful to Heavenly Father for all the so many blessings, he has given me.

one of my favorite sunday songs for ya'll:


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