Saturday, July 16, 2011


Harry Potter.
At midnight.
Seriously, you guys don't even relizie how fun it was.
Although, My best friend Erin and I spent about 2 hours complaining about everything the got wrong after it was over. What can I say? Its a tradish.
We do that for almost every HP movie, We're nerds.
We did indeed love it though.
Its all over. No more movies. No more dressing up.
Its sad. I cried. 
Harry Potter is pretty much the epitome of my childhood.
Now, I need something new to get excited about. Any suggestions?

P.s. While waiting in a 6 hour line we did lots of fun stuff including shots (with coke.),
playing B.S. and asking eachother random questions.
One of the fave questions of the night was if you could kiss any fictional character, who would it be?

Here's ma list:

Percy Jackson. obvi.

This is the guy playing my hottie Peeta :)

Peeta Mellark

Book version, not movie. but if I didn't have a picture, you kids would've had nothing to feast your eyes upon.

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