Sunday, July 3, 2011

best fwends

This is my best friend :) 
She is seriously, the best best friend a girl could ask for. I absolutely love her to death.
Reasons why:
-I could say the most absolutely random thing and she'll understand
-she makes me laugh 24/7
-we spend every possible second together and don't get sick of each other
(okay, we do get sick of each other but we'll just tell each other when we are)
-she does crazy things with me
(ei:wax eyebrows, dress up for movies, put on mumos,eat disgusting food in china town... ermm the list goes onnnnn)
-she drives me EVERY WHERE. seriously.
-we make late night taco runs
-i could talk to her on the phone foreves
-even though she only lives 3.68 miles away from me
-she makes me smile even when i'm having the worst day
-she has crazy good taste in music.
-she keeps my secrets
-she is the sweetest person you will ever meet

anywho, you get it, she rocks! i guess the reason i thought of this today is because she's in utah and i miss her bunches! AND i might be staying at her house for a whole entire WEEK when my fam goes to good ol' cali :) 
I would love that. Seriously, dream come true. 
Now, so this isn't totally pointless the best advice I can give you peeps is pick your friends wisely, you want to be friends with the kind of people that will help you be the best possible person you can be. Someone who you can be yourself around and not have to worry what they think.
Having a best friend is like having a favorite pair of jeans, completely necessary and irreplaceable :)

We went to new york together last spring break, and we're supa annoying :)

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