Wednesday, July 6, 2011

problemo+Dwight Shrute's music debut.

so, i've discovered recently that there is a problem with our wonderful world.
I mean, c'mon, what's up with that?!
can't we go back to trading services? cause i'm a mighty fine babysitter if i do say so myself.
let me babysit your kiddos and then gimmie shtuff in return.
those were the days.... nowww its all about monnn-ayyy!
you can't trade a cow&a chicken you gotta give em' the cold hard cash!
if you peeps got any money making ideas for a teenage girly in the summa time, then hit me up! :)

well, i've complained enough for today.... here's some inspiration:

p.s. for all you fans of the office.... Dwight Shrute is in this music vid.

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