Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I want to rock n' roll & party all night

2 weeks ago my cousin came into town because her & her friends are driving across the country in a van to go party it up in New Orleans, I called them hippies because they were pretty free love but I had an absolute blast hanging out with them. I love people that are just so happy and carefree and kind.

Heather & I went to Warped Tour and met this band called Action Item! Check em' out because they are seriously SO good!

A couple weeks ago Erin & I went to support some of our friends that are in a band and went to their show, I didn't get a picture with all the boys but I did get this picture so I still smile :)

Heather & I went to the Circus the other night and it was so magical!

Well, now I'm off to Florida,I'll try to keep up :)

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