Monday, April 22, 2013

I really want to dance the night away.

 [One of those quotes/songs that always gets me by]

Well... no nerdy star wars refrences today but I do want to update this because of my crazy exciting life!
-Took my UA road trip with Heather this weekend & it was a blast.
I went to the county fair and may or may not have had more deep fried food then I'd like to admit. Oh and a burrito... at 1am because what else do college kids do at 1 am?!
-Gaslight Anthem concert with some ASU kids tomorrow 
(I feel like I'm two-timing)
-California trip for the weekend with Jess!
- Oh, I also got asked to spring formal. So there's that.
(jk, i'm pretty flipping exciting)
-Graduation countdown: T-minus 30 days.
So that's scary.
That means 31 days til comicon and 51 until disney. 
Ask me if I've been saving spending money for those two things. The answer is no.
We need to get Dave Ramesy all up in here to help a sister out because these things are all coming way to fast. Speaking of.... I got a job interview guys! So, fingers crossed that goes well because I'm pretty dang desperate for money for college.
Anywho, life is fab and exciting and I am reading a book just for fun and it is making me happy. :)

[Here's a picture that I love from our Tiger Town half camp 2 weeks ago... Love Taylor & Nicole]

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