Saturday, December 1, 2012

girl, quit fooling around

Just my weekend in the form of a list (because that's normal)
-Erin came up from tucson friday to surprise me and it was grand.
-she picked me up from school (which was weird because I was NOT expecting her)
-we went to pita jungle
-we went to slickables.. $2 ice cream sandwhichs, bro!
-we went to an art show
-watched Hot Rod
-today i pretty much had a shopping spree.... (thanks daddy & nancy!!)
-I bought a leather jacket (no shame)
-i spent atleast 2+ hours making people mix tapes
-i ordered something off etsy
-i ordered art from the one and only Andrea

It was so good. I got (almost) all of my christmas shopping done... and it's only december first! ;)
I've been feeling pretty hip, plus Abbey and I are rocking out to some pretty sweet tunes to end the weekend with and my family is going to a Bruce Springstien concert next week.
my family > your family <3

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