Sunday, August 19, 2012

words fall through me and always fail me.

I've been very busy lately and I've had a whole lot on my mind so I am sorry for my lack of writing but I am still alive! And I've got lots to tell so here goes...

My life as of lately:
dinner at Lolo's chicken and waffles.
Best food I've had in a long time, deffinatley already craving it.
Oh, and I got a mustache for Jessicas $0.50, thanks Jess <3

movie night with my boys.
I love being their babysitter :)

I'd cap that might just be my new favorite app.

This was last sunday (Erins last sunday in G-town)
She's down at UA now and I have had so much fun hearing all about her first couple days being down at college!

Sorry I have been MIA lately guys, I promise this next week will be better :)
P.S. Listening to Falling Slowly by Kris Allen via pandora.

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