Saturday, August 4, 2012

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May I just say... Music completes my life :)
Today was a good day and I sit here, listening to a new mix tape, I am pleased with my life!
First of all, I was the only one home this morning so you can bet your bottom dollar that I blasted music while I did my chores and moped the kitchen then I went out with Erin to build-a-bear and we made stuffed animals and I got to visit my little munchies I babysit and they put batman tatoos all over me, then.... I went on a date with a really great friend of mine and we had red robin! Once I came home I got to stay up and talk with my family and watch the olympics and now as every one is going to bed
I am so happy for my friends and family and music and every thing that makes my life feel more complete. Goodnight :)
I'll leave you with a song I'm currently loving:

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