Sunday, July 22, 2012

star struck

Last time I was in New York I got the chance to meet a broadway star, this is the man that plays Fiyero in the show Wicked!
Since I've been in New York this time I've (mostly) seen but also met some pretty famous people! I went to a live taping of a day time television show called The Chew and that helped a lot! I just wanted to take a moment to brag, here's my list:

-Carla Hall (She definitely touched my shoulder and smiled at me, she's a former Top Chef and now on The Chew)
-Micheal Symon( He is an Iron Chef and Author)
-Daphane Oz (Author and former Television host)
-Josh Elliot(Former ESPN sports anchor, current host of Good Morning America)
-Lara Spencer(Host of the lifestyle segment of Good Morning America) 
-RC Smith (NYC comedian) 
-Mauro Castano (He is a pastry chef that is on Cake Boss)
-Pikachu (nuff said)

[We entered to go see The Chew]

[Micheal Symon, he's so funny]

[Mauro Castano]

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