Monday, July 9, 2012

living life by the mile

This is my life lately, according to my instagram pictures :)

Picture # 1) Beachin' it up, jersey shore style... whattupp!
Picture # 2) Cute beach shops with unique clothes... Elmo has a mustache! so cool!
Picture # 3)the ocean was sooo blue today! it was my fav 
Picture # 4)Central Park is oh so green and beautiful and romantic and iloveit. 
Picture # 5)my beach outfit aka my "my hair needs desperate washing so it's not socially acceptable to wear it down" style! 
Picture # 6) Chocolate shop on the beach... chocolate covered oreos, marshmallows and m&ms, I am so spoiled :)

p.s. here's some of what i'm thinking/doing/loving
Listening- On a lonely night by A Rocket to the Moon
via a mix tape from my friend Emma
Loving- the beach!
Hungry for– an orange dreamsicle bar from an ice cream man.
Wanting– a hot tub!
Needing- for Jillian to be here already!

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