Friday, July 6, 2012

girl, you don't got nothing to prove to me

We took some pictures on instagram, in which I have not posted.
Ya know? Since I obviously haven't posted enough pictures already ;)

[Breakfast at Tiffanys! And working my updo]

[We went to Ben and Jerrys.. Whatup!]

[Midnight snacking... I only had half a pretzel]

[4th of July tanning]

Zale leaves tomorrow! Gosh, I had fun these passed 10 days with her! Wether it was driving around Palmyra just the two of us, playing in the city all day, movie nights with friends or late night movies, chats and snacks.. we had a blast. I will miss her but on to new and exciting things with Miss. Jillian!
Goodbye Zale! Thank your for blessing New York with your presence! :)

p.s-  here's some of what i'm thinking/doing/loving
Listening– Hummingbird by nevershoutnever
via pandora
Loving- sleep and my bed :)
Hungry for– greek food...
Wanting– for it to be sunday!
Needing- AZ <3

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