Wednesday, June 27, 2012

so keep looking up, on passed the birds

[because what else are you supposed to do at 1am when your roommate is sleeping and someone across the country makes you peeved]
Good morning!
I can't sleep... what else is new?
Well Zale arrived today :D
We haven't taken an pictures yet because all we've done is watch mean girls and pretty little liars and Jane by design.... don't judge. 
but we are going into the city tomorrow and I promise you lots of pictures.
I absolutely love it here, last night (before Zale got here) I spent some time with my childhood friends and boy was it nice. I've missed them so and everything is so much simpler when I'm here, I enjoy my time and have no worries at all, I know it would be different if I actually live here but it doesn't always seem that way, oh well. I have such a great life. I am so happy Zale is here, guys.
Here's some of what i'm thinking/doing/loving
Listening– Keep Looking Up by Landon Pigg (via pandora)
Hungry for– a bagel... good thing I'll "wake up" and have one in a couple hours
Wanting– it to be the morning! 
Needing- to sleep. bad.

[incase you ever wondered what it looked like flying over New York at 5am... you can't see the city but it's there]

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  1. oh i sure hope you get some sleep. i couldn't live without it....

    and now i want ice cream!