Monday, June 25, 2012

i'm in love

I'm at the airport guys.
There's this REALLY attractive guy sitting right across from me.
He doesn't know this but we are going to sit next to each other on this flight.
Get to talking.
Fall in love.
Have 6 kids.
Live happily ever after.
Jk, jk.... I'm in love with something else right now.... Sky Harbor Airport!!! :D
Free internet, need I say more?
So when my crazy caring Father, decides to take me to the airport at 7pm when my flight isn't until 9:40pm, I can sit here, use their free internet, and be a creepy stalker blogger and pray that the kid across from me doesn't ask any questions or walk by and glance at my computer screen.
As long as I don't have anything to do can we take a moment to talk about how silly teenager girls are?
I am seriously so happy to get out of this place for a month and not be around people who ask silly questions and get so wrapped up in who likes who and who everyone was hanging out with and who went to what party. My goodness, I wish you folks would realizie none of this matters. Okay, there goes my rant now back to my joy.

Here's some of what i'm thinking/doing/loving
Listening– Payphone by Maroon 5 (free radio, courtesy of sky harbor airport)
Loving- Night time flights :)
Hungry for– a coke (is it worth it to buy myself one when I know I'll get a free one in like 30 minutes?)
Wanting– to dance. seriously, this song is rockin.
Needing- nothing, i am so happy right now.

p.s.----> my music choice inspired this picture.
[random pictures taken while singing payphone]

p.p.s. this boy is asian. It'd make my friend JennyLee proud ;) I love that girl.
p.p.p.s some guy just called me groovy.... I love this airport!

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