Sunday, June 17, 2012


I am lucky to have such an amazing man as my Father. I call him Dad, Terry, Father, Terrance but most of all I call him Daddy. He is the greatest. Here are a couple things that make my Dad super cool:
-He took me on my "first date" when I first turned 16
-He bought me a beach cruiser for christmas
-he took me camping
-he taught me how to drive
-he quotes the Beatles
-he is ALWAYS telling a joke
-he always reminds me to enjoy life
-he is so welcoming to all my friends, he always reminds me "the more, the merrier"
-he plays video games with my brother and I
-he has taught me how a man should treat a lady
-he suggests the. best. music and books
just a couple reasons why I love my Dad! :)

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