Monday, June 18, 2012


[dreaming of NJ]
It's 10:45pm
Normal people would be going to bed or atleast be up for a reason, but I love the quiet hours of the night. Everything seems so peaceful once the lights go out, I think of parents lovingly putting their children to bed and laying on their own bed and that sweet "I made it through the day" type of feeling. I don't know, that's how I feel when I lay on my bed. 
Sorry for the random-ness.
I didn't have much to say, but i was reading my cute friend Megans blog today. 
Check her out here ------> Megans Blog
She's much more intresting then me, she's a young, single girl, livin up the college life! Anyways so she does this cute thing on her blog... it's kind of hard to explain but here look... (These are my answers/ opiniouns)

Here are some things I'm currently doing:
Listening – Heartbreak World by Matt Nathanson ( here ya go) via pandora! 
Loving – Letters in the mail. and Jane By Design. watch it. via
Hungry for – chinese food.
Wanting – to be home. to be in nj. visiting my friends, having friends come visit me. day trips into the city. (8 more days.)
Needing- ....this is a hard one to answer. I'm going to go with nothing. for now. I am currently quite content.

My last couple of trips, Erin came to visit me, this year I have two new friends coming and I just know it will be grand :)

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