Saturday, May 5, 2012

living life

I'm SORRY I am like the worst blogger! 
I promise I'll get better!
A few tidbits of my life as of lately:
-On the night of (school) prom I had a non-prom date with my friend Jillian!
It included pazookies, bowling, in and out and LOTS of planning and talk of her trip to NY this summer where she'll be visiting me :)

-I went to the Avengers premire on thursday night with Erin!
It's just rootbeer! :)

this is my "the day after" picture, not to bad, eh?

more pictures to come! :)

-Went to flagstaff for a day trip, I'm in love (every time I go up there) <3
 Oh my gosh it's so pretty and the weather is delicous! (Is that an appropriate adjective to describe weather?)

-I'm helping at a benefit tonight at some rich persons mansion because my friend Taylor was hired to photograph the event and I'm going to be her little assitant (really I just wanna live the good life) haha, I have never touched one of those big fancy cameras in my life) Wish me luck, I'm so excited :)

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