Sunday, April 29, 2012

I absolutley LOVE!
Everything is so affordable and they gave me free shipping on not only one but TWO orders! 
How cool is that?! Here's what I ordered:
Dash and Lily's Book Of Dares I've never read it but my friend Jill (who's coming to New York with me this summer) said it's really good and it takes place in New York! So I am going to read it and then when we're in new york it will be super fun because we will go to all the places Dash and Lily went and think of this book! :)

Prom Shoes.
Yes, I know Toms aren't first choice for Prom, but it is being held at Barney Sports Complex and they have a truf floor so that means no heels and I figured I'll wear these alot, so it's worth it!

I'm so greatful for my parents and how much they trust me! I had never made online purchases before and they let me do it today! I'm all grown up and stuff! Anyways, I'm in a good mood, lets hope it sticks around for monday :)

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