Saturday, April 21, 2012

i know your probably sick of this

I know for a fact you are sick of this actually.
I'm sure many of you have noticed I bounce back and forth about how much I love arizona and how much I like the east coast! I'm a very undeceive little girl, truth is, I love them both so much. I am spending my summer in NY though and let me tell you it has NOT been easy figuring it all out, it's been frustrating and heartbreaking to try and plan my summer here because of various reasons but it is all (mostly) worked out and I am sitting here (at 11pm which is way to late because I have a 5am flight) and I decided I am going to be content. Once I get all the little quirks work out, I know it will be an amazing summer. It is going to be a great experience for me and I know I am making the right choice. I don't know how I decided that but I just did and I felt the need to share it :)

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