Thursday, April 19, 2012

here's to you

-Best Friend Erin, for bringing me a coke and brightening my night. Here's to you. :)

-Mr. Sonic worker for providing me with peach sprites with no visible judgements of my hair or choice in clothes (aka pj's) out in public. Here's to you.

-English Teacher, for offering me all the extra credit in the world and being fabulous, here's to you.

-Girl in my math class who adds to my "summer bucket list" and makes me more adventerous, here's to you.

-Boy whom I met last year, thank you for your facebook message appoligizing for not asking me to prom and promising to take me on a date, I was not expecting you to ask me to prom but you sure did brighten my day, here's to you.

-Stake Presidents Wife, for allowing me to visit your house and complain about my stress, i love you, here's to you.

-Boy who winked at me in the hallway even though I looked like I was on crack, here's to you.

-Big Brother for taking study breaks with me to take silly pictures and laugh, here's to you.

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