Thursday, December 22, 2011

hoping and praying

I'm hoping and praying that my best friend Erin doesn't read this before christmas.
I just can't contain my excitment. I got a little crafty with her christmas present this year.
 I made her a ribbon board! :D
And I e-mailed her mom and got together some pictures of Us and Her and her sisters and put them all in the ribbon board! She's going away to college next year and I really wanted to get her something she could hang up on her wall to keep her memories! Just something special.
I got her a couple other things to but this is the one I've worked really hard for! I absolutley can not WAIT to give it to her! We are exchanging presents this year on actual christmas day, usually we do it on the 23rd or christmas eve. I think it'll make it more fun this way! 
Anywho just 3 more days! I can't wait!
really it's like 2 though, cause christmas celebrating begins Christmas eve! :D
And then 4 days til jersey <3 oh heck, I can't wait!

Anywho, here's a cool kids Christmas Playlist:
Misltoe - J. Biebs
Santa Baby - T- Swift
Winter Wonderland - Selena Gomez
Jingle Bell Rock - Aly & AJ
Let it Snow - Michael Buble
The Christmas Song - Owl City
Favorite Christmas Memory - Capital Lights
Wonderful Christmas Time - The Ready Set
I Believe in Us - A Rocket To The Moon
Blizzard of 89 - The Ready Set ft. Cady Groves & Christopher Drew
Wishlist - The Ready Set

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