Thursday, November 17, 2011

here's to happiness

Today, I need one of these posts.
Here's what makes me happy:
-Starting the day with some sweet Andy Grammer tunes.
-Seeing the sunrise on the way to school
-hot cocoa
-skyrim, if you're an xbox fan.... jk if you have a soul. PLAY. THIS. GAME. It's seriously amazing. And one of the main reasons I've been to busy to write ;)
-plans to go back home next month:)
-thanksgiving next week!
-college visit on monday!
-Tomorow's friday!!
-seeing fall colors on the way home from school.
-phone calls with my grandma.
-letters in the mail.
-the movie Post Grad. it's so funny!
-super cool youtube bands like: heyhihello and ALL CAPS
Like such:
Don't Unplug Me- ALL CAPS

World of Warcraft Ruined my Life- ALL CAPS

Wizard Love Song- heyhihello

Sorry.... all those songs are a bit nerdy. but hey! what can i say... i'm kind of a closet nerd ;)

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