Tuesday, October 25, 2011

here's to happiness

I like being happy and I like to smile :)
so.... here's to happiness
-getting letters in the mail!
-christmas music in october
-waking up early enough to finish homework AND get ready for school!
I actually look semi-goodish today!

that last picture is super awkward.... i look like a one armed giant/midget.
but oh well. it makes me laugh.
-fall leaves
-christmas count downs
-childrens laughter.. oh! or when babies giggle. i swear there is no better sound :)
-cute elderly couples
-my kind friends
-late night phone calls with friends who live far away
-afternoon naps.
-coke in the morning
-thanksgiving coming up!
well friends, those are just a few things that make me happy that i've encountered recently! and here is to happiness! :)

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