Friday, October 21, 2011


My blog felt a little to summery, so i edited it.
To look more like fall. I don't think I like it as much... but wouldn't you agree it's more fallish?
I absolutley LOVE this time of year :)
here in arizona we like to pretend it's fall by dressing in cardigans, sweaters and boots.
when really... who are we kidding?!
It goes from summer straight to winter.
Even winter it's only like 60 degrees.
but who cares! :) 
I stayed home from school but then I started feeling better so I cleaned my room!
While listening to christmas music! 
Even if I look gross and feel sick it was wonderful!
Listen up:

I love this song! It makes me laugh!
"Think of all the fun I've missed, think of all the boys I haven't kissed!"
hehe :)
Oh Justin. This song melts my heart.

P.S. 16 more days until I can eat sweets! :)
P.S.S 63 days until Christmas! :)
P.S.S Remember that boy I was dying to go on a date with on this day? well he still hasn't asked me yet! him or anyone else for that matter.. hehe, So Erin and I are having a girls night date tomorow with our friend Mari! (to make up for our lack of dateness) and I am SO super excited! :D
Have a very good day guys!!! :)

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