Friday, October 7, 2011

from paris to rome... i'm going home!

Guess what!!! I'm going home today! :D
aka NJ.
(I've 81 new jack johnson songs on my ipod and the BFG.... ready for the 4 hour flight)
I'm oh so excited!
I'm bring the BFF (Erin) with me and we are gonna party hardy.
like the jersey shore.
except not.
I don't watch that show.
hehe, plus it's cooling down in arizona!
No joke. I broke out the cardigans and boots this week! Yay!
Also starting reading Haley's cute blog. You should start reading it.
It makes me happy :)
I got to skype with Alexx again last night! Oh, I love her! I love skype.
I'm pretty sure God invented skype just for me.
PLUS, my training for the 1/2 marathon sort of took a toll...
due to my stupid shins.
but they don't hurt today!!! :D 
Pretty much everything is wonderful in the world.
This is Alexx (for those of you that don't remember):

 Seriously, I love her and miss her oh so much! Any one who wants to donate money to the "Fly Tessa to Utah to runite Alexx and Tessa fund" contact me! 
I bet you could get money off your taxes....
it's a charitable contribution.
Maybe not.

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  1. You are so funny, this is the best, I love you