Sunday, August 21, 2011

spiritual high

Hello My Friends :)
I. am. high.
hehe, spirtually high ofcourse.
aka i just love life at this moment and am just greatful for every little thing.
so if this post starts to seem all mushy gushy, please forgive me.
Let my tell you about my weekend maybe then you'll feel all warm and fuzzy too!
On friday night I had the oppertunity to go to a baptism.
For a dear freind of mine!
She is 18 and about to leave for college and is now a member of the
I love her dearly and it was so amazing to see her get baptizied!
I know how happy this desicion will make her! :)

Then I woke up on a fine saturday morning and went with my best friend Erin
to a nursing home for a church activity.
I was already excited about going to the nursing home because I simply ADORE older folks!
but there was a musical preformance at the end of our visit.
The elderly were asked to sing along if they knew the songs.
One young man preformed an old song that I've never heard of and this cute little old woman,
in a wheel cheer got so excited and started singing along with him word for word.
It just brought a tear to my eye!
I love that I was able to serve these people and be a little piece of happiness for them!
Service is such a wonderful thing and makes me feel so happy inside! :)

Over all it was a fabulous weekend!!!!

Sarah, Amy and Mari, the lovely ladies who accompinaed me to the baptism :)

Sarah and I, we got emotional.

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