Monday, August 29, 2011

searching for sayings

Hey Guys!
First things first, I appoligize for the lack of inspiration as of late.
but I hope you've been enjoying my silliness. I know I have. I laugh at myself on a daily basis.
Second of all, I think I have no inspiration because I was LOOKING for it.
So I stopped searching for sayings.
No more wondering for words.
Listen for lyrics.
I just went through my day to day life.
Sadly, I still haven't found any inspiration.
I broke my phone.
Which has surprisingly been good for me.
Sometimes it's nice to not be constantly sourronded by electronics.
I guess that's semi-inspirational.
p.s. happy first day to all you BYU'ers! Oh how I envy your college life:)

Here's a picture I got off of pintrest:


  1. I love your honesty, that in itself is inspirationsal!

  2. Thanks for wishing us all a good day! It was a great day for two reasons for me....1)I sat by a very cute boy when I was studying in the library & 2)I didn't get lost! Woohoo! I hope Gilbert's treating you well!