Sunday, August 28, 2011

grace just isn't my forte

For those of you that don't know me, I am anything but graceful.
I trip. ALOT.
I trip over my shoelaces, curbs, the air.
I drop things, quite a bit.
Mainly things that are breakable or things containing liquid.
Just the other day I dropped the laptop on my face.
I slouch, I cough, I laugh way to loud and way too much.
aka if I was a princess, I would be fired.
But just yesterday Erin and I woke up at 6am to help some people move.
We went and succesfully carried and packed tons of boxes without anything going wrong.
But then a few of the young men from her ward (church) invited us to go to los (this little burrito place, for you non- gilbert natives) obviously we said yes! We were starving. Plus.... they were boys!
haha, so we go and order our burritos and i'm sitting there eating it when suddenly it explodes! Yes, my burrito exploded. You know when your burrito is so over stuffed that the bottom kinda opens up and all the yummyness inside starts to fall out? That's what happend except all over my sweats and the floor. Embarrsing moment # 74, ladies and gents. The boys didn't really notice, they just continued talking. Haha, thank heavens! So I just grabbed some napkins and cleaned it up. But it was still embarassing. And afterwards they were like "sheesh tessa! someones a messy eater" haha, guess I won't be getting asked on a date anytime soon.... 
Overall it ended up being a way fun day, I just love my awkward moments.
I'm pretty sure people up in heaven watch me, waiting for my awkward moments and then just sit and laugh. I mean, thats what I do with AFV (Americas Funniest Home videos)
And I must admit, when it's not happening to me, it's hilarous.
Well, Have a happy Sabbath friends! :)
I hope you're all safe and sound from huricane irene!

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  1. That is just to funny, your right about the lack of grace. We could send you to finishing school if you'd like........:-)