Monday, August 1, 2011

bucket list

alrighty, kiddos. I don't know how inspiring this is BUT
it's story time. :)
Well, once upon a time (see? told you it was story time) there was a little girl named Tessa.
And when I say little, I mean it. She was a youngin.
and she was friends with all the big kids.
BUT THEN she relizied all the big kids would be leaving her in just a short time.
Most had left for missions or to colleges in far away lands.
and in just a short year her closest and dearest friend would be leaving for college as well.
So it came to her realization that if she didn't want to spend her senior year of highschool friendless.
She better make the most friends she could(that were her age) in one year.
So she was on a mission.
Did ya'll like it?! :)
Its a true story.
Wanna know how many friends I have in my own grade?
yep, that's all, so at the end of juinor year when Erin leaves for college, I will go through my senior year with exactly two friends.
I sure know, how to make the parents proud ;)
hehe, welllll you know me! I'm not one to just sit around and let life be my boss.
I AM the boss.
So, I rounded up a few juinors (aka kiddos my age)
and we made a juinor year bucket list!
Hopefully, it'll make this year fun and it'll make me closer with this guys:)
anywho, here's the list:
The List:
...1)Dress up for a midnight premiere ..... 30 points
2)Attend a midnight premiere ..... 5 points
3)Go to a movie ..... 2 points
4)Go to a drive-in movie ..... 5 points
5)Watch an episode of Phineas and Ferb ..... 5 points
6)Remake a Phineas and Ferb episode (limit 5) ..... 25 points
7)Throw a themed party ..... 20 points
8)Attend a themed party ..... 5 points
9)Color a picture ..... 2 points
10)Go out of state ..... 15 points
11)Make a piñata ..... 5 points
12)Play with a piñata ..... 2 points
13)Pizza Party After Midnight with Rainbow Cake and a Movie with a less than 15% rating on rotten tomato (or a foreign film) ..... 25 points
14)Make a craft ..... 3 points
15)Go to the zoo ..... 10 points
16)Tye-Dye a Shirt ..... 5 points
17)Wear your tye-dyed t-shirt in public (at least 30 minutes) ..... 3 points
18)Decorate a cake ..... 3 points
19)Go to Wal-Mart ..... 7 points
20)Make a music video ..... 10 points
21)Use the self-checkout in Spanish ..... 3 points
22)Make homemade ice cream or rootbeer ..... 8 points
23)Go to Sonic during Happy Hour ..... 3 points
24)Get something from a 25¢ machine ..... 2 points
25)Build and float in a cardboard boat ..... 20 points
26)Make lemonade ..... 2 points
27)Drink a Yoohoo ..... 2 points
28)Write a 3 minute musical or plan a flash mob ..... 15 points
29)Be in a 3 minute musical or a flash mob ..... 5 points
30)Blast music and ride with the windows down in a car ..... 2 points
31)Build a fort out of blankets .... 8 points
32)Give notes to friends inside of balloons ..... 5 points
33)Visit a tourist spot near your home ..... 10 points
34)Carry around bubbles for three hours -- every time someone says school, blow a bubble ..... 10 points
35)Have a picnic ..... 5 points
36)Create a secret treasure hunt for a friend (at least 4 clues) ..... 8 points
37)Wear a Free Something sign for a day (hugs, compliments, etc.) ..... 15 points
38)Have a game night ..... 5 points
39)Play a British sport (horses can be substituted with bikes)(also, must speak in British accent) ..... 10 points
40)Sing a karaoke song ..... 8 points
41)Celebrate an obscure holiday ..... 5 points
42)Stay awake for 24 hours ..... 5 points
43)Play a game of hide-n-go seek in the mall ..... 7 points
44)Go paintballing ..... 15 points
45)Take public transportation to a un-decided destination ..... 12 points
46)Celebrate a major holiday, from a different month ..... 15 points
47)Go on a hike ..... 5 points
48)Eat cherries ..... 2 points
49)Go to IHOP after midnight ..... 5 points
50)Play at a park ..... 5 points
51)Pretend to be an official mall guide (must interact with 5 people) ..... 15 points
52)Go to a farmer’s market or swap meet ..... 7 points
53)Speak in a foreign accent for a day ..... 7 points
54)Freeze a household item in jello and deliver to someone ..... 15 points
55)Make a wikipedia page for yourself ..... 10 points
56)Recreate a scene from your favorite movie ..... 15 points
57)Go to a stranger’s house with a birthday cake and yell SURPRISE ..... 15 points
58)Road trip to somewhere you’ve never been ..... 20 points
59)Pose with mannaquins...... 5 points
60)Do a photoshoot with atleast 2 other friends...... 10 points
61)Take a picture with a cute boy...... 7 points
62)Participate in a picture scavanger hunt..... 10 points

Do you guys likey? Let me know if you have any ideas:) We begin August 9th!
Keep on reading for updates!
I'll track the competion for ya'll.
Anywho, peace out. girl scout.


  1. So when i go away to college you are just going to stop being my friend? Jerk! Some friend you are!

  2. You jerkish! Moral of story: Meet friends with people in my grade, silly! We still be pals! p.s. this is old, why'd you comment on it?