Sunday, September 29, 2013

I want to see you be Brave

Soo... it's only been what? 2 months since my last post?
Well Plot twist! I'm still into blogging ;)
I am going to try SO hard to get better at it esspecially because....
I really know I should be documenting these things!
So, I guess I'll try to catch you all up on the last month of my super-cool-college-kid-experience!

-Saw the Maine (ya know, since I hadn't seen them enough this summer ;)
-Got an 88% on my first ever college exam!
-Went to my first college football game ever!
-hiked (thank heavens because now it would be too cold to hike!)
-explored downtown flagstaff

I've met seriously so many nice people, and it makes me so happy that I picked a school where the people I meet are so diverse and inclusive! I couldn't be happier, even though I get homesick like 8 times a day! I'll post pictures when I have more time and get better at blogging! Promise :)

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