Wednesday, May 1, 2013

things never happen the way you imagine them

So, time for a rant. I am so glad this is not tumblr. Don't get me wrong.... I LOVE tumblr. All the things I love about tumblr could be a blogpost of its own. But this isn't about that, this is about what I DON'T like about tumblr and DO love about blogger.

what I DON'T love about tumblr:
-people on tumblr are angsty.
and not the angsty I get. NOT like this is a bad day and I'm young so I am in a bad mood.
they get 8th grade emo angsty. angry angsty and i always want to suggest they see a counsler.
like in real life. there are ways to deal with your feelings and I just don't know if social media sites are the healthiest way to go about that. (hypocrite alert!)
-people on tumblr write poetry.
I think poetry is awesome. what I don't think is awesome is when people write poetry to bash someone else.
-anon messages?
bad idea. that is just a set up to hurt peoples feelings.
i'm all for individualism but trying to be "more in" then the next person and basically having no human connections because everything they are into "you liked first" isn't cool. in my perfect dream world I would see this:
"hipster" # 1: I totally love wearing my high-waisted shorts to the thrift shop after spending hours looking at pictures of cats on the internet.
"hipster" # 2: I love thrift shopping and cats too! we should go together sometime!
see? connections. and friends. I don't know....that seems pretty hip to me.
(I recognize this is a stereotype and publicly apologize to the hipster community and know this isn't how everyone is)
-tumblr is vague
in a rude way like a "i don't want to tell you how I feel,, so i'm going to blog about it and hope you see it and ask me about my feelings" type of way. that was a major run-on. I hope you got my point.
-these pictures:
sorry for the inaprop picture and language. but lets get real. a picture of a guy and girl basically playing tonuge hockey with some quote about true love is about as inspiring as that picture of your breakfast you instagram'd this morning.

Welp, there ya go. For your entertainment and my sanity.... my far-to-often rant for the week.

To be fair, next time I'll write all the things I love about tumblr.
I promise it's not all bad :)

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  1. I don't know how I didn't follow your blog until this moment. I swear I subscribed ages ago! Fail, Ky, fail.