Friday, October 26, 2012

& because that's what I deserve.

here's to happiness
(my little way of making really horrible weeks seem bearable)
-T-Swifts new album.
I'm in love. Seriously, I am.
-Zombie Punch
-My iphone and ^apps like that
-wearing skirts
-news of hosting an Australian student
-realeasing all your feelings at once and just talking forever
-my little sister, bless her sweet heart and listening ears
-spiderman pencils
- fridays!
-pinterest quotes
-cookie cake from my thoughtful english teacher
-great friends, so willing to help
-youtube videos with my brothers
-making it through this week!

Now it's over and the weekend is here and I am going to relax and on monday, I am going to be better because it is a new week and it will bring me happiness because I deserve to be happy. Yes?
Happy Friday, folks!


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