Thursday, July 26, 2012

this is still the place I call home

I've only been home for 1.5 days but it's nice so far. I was greeted at the airport by Erin and Brodi and that was awesome! I was so glad they had talked with my Dad and each other and figured it out to make that possible! Then after spending a little bit of time with my family (5 kids in one house means people are usually busy) I went out with James and Erin and saw Spider Man (Erin and I's second time, James first) tonight we are having a big family dinner because (hopefully) everyone will be home!
I just have one last thing about new york and then I promise, I won't bombard you any more!
On my last night in New York I got to see my friend Amanda (from Arizona) We explored time square and went to the hard rock cafe for dinner!

It was so cool to get to spend my last day in the city with a really great friend! 

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