Friday, June 29, 2012

nyc through pictures

Okay, here are more pictures of New York, we are leaving the city tomorrow and heading up to Northern New York for 4 days and i am oh so excited! We are going to Palmyra, which is a very important place when it comes to our church and going to Niagra Falls, I've never been there and it will be so fun! :) but before then here ya go...

this was inside the disney store in time square.
it made me smile :)

They had some masks in Toys-R-Us!

You weren't allowed to take a picture with Spidey unless you paid, that was bogus. Therefore, we did what any sane teenagers in new york city would do, we broke the rules and took a picture of him. From behind. without us in it. Without them knowing.
Please don't report us to the NYPD!

We went to rockafeller center and took some pictures :)

This was the ferris wheel INSIDE the toys-r-us I was talking about yesterday!!

This was also inside the toys-r-us as well.

Go shopping in Time Square, guys! It will not disappoint.

Here's some of what i'm thinking/doing/loving
Listening–The sound of How I Met Your Mother (Zale is watching it on her laptop as I sit here typing away on mine)
Loving- writing... on my blog but esspecially postcards ;) 
Hungry for– a soft pretzel.. it's 10pm.. too late?
Wanting– to talk to my big brother (who is being really bad at texting me back!)
Needing- to pack, we're leaving tomorrow for 4 days.
if you haven't noticed, i'm pretty bad at packing.

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