Thursday, April 12, 2012

hi there :)

hi there :)
nothing new over here, just been keeping busy (as always).
The boys I nanny for (I couldn't get specific in my last post but I talked to their mama and she said its fine if they be on my blog) so now i can talk about my loves as much as I want and I most likely will! Jagger (little baby boy on the left) and Kingston (my cute little 4 year old on the right) make me happier then you can imagine, I took them for ice cream on tuesday and it was a great day :)
I've been giving presentations to 6th and 7th grade classes about Education (for my JRP... JRP= Junior Research Paper) and they make me feel so great! They write the NICEST things! :)
Campaign week for my friend Jennifer Lee! :)

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